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To go about the research for our website, we had to select an appropriate topic.  We chose to do our project on European medieval guilds because (a) we could find a vast amount of information on them, (b) because it was well related to this year’s theme of rights and responsibilities (medieval guilds had both), and (c) because it would be an up-coming unit in our ordinary history curriculum.  After we had selected the topic, we made sure that we would have a sufficient amount of data to complete the report by going to various libraries and searching the internet with the help of search engines such as and  As soon as we had approved the amount of information on the topic, we started to actually research the guilds and record facts important to our subject.  After finding good information, we saved links and started to write the guild “pages” using Microsoft Word©.  When finished writing and editing the text, we found pictures on the Internet that were well suited for the text we had written and clearly portrayed the image desired.  After the pictures were formatted (also using Microsoft Word©) into the right size and shape while retaining the clarity of the picture and repositioned to have the text wrap around it, we started to move our text and pictures into a website format (with a manually created website theme) on Microsoft Front Page©.  As soon as we had finished transporting the information from one program to another successfully, we added buttons, banners, background effects, specialized fonts, and other graphics that were appropriate for the medieval website theme, some of which were found on ClipArt or the Internet.  After the buttons and images were selected, we started to add final touches, such as an entrance page (which is basically an added page used for logging in), and appropriate music (which was also found by searching the Internet.)  When finished with finalizing and perfecting the minor details, we posted our site on the World Wide Web at

Guilds had multiple rights and responsibilities for their members.  This is especially true for the European medieval guilds because when entering and therefore gaining the new rights of a guild, you also took on the expected and needed responsibilities and tasks.  These served as the main rules and moral standards that the guilds followed.  Many guilds had the same rights and responsibilities, such as if you were sick or had a major loss, you would be taken care of by other members of the guild, and you were also required to charge a fair price for all of your items, which-no matter what guild or town you are in-had to be quality work made with care and expertise.  This was perhaps the most important responsibility of all.

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