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Primary Sources


Paul Halsall, September 1998.

Written conversation between a plowman and his apprentice.  Taken from Thomas Wright, ed., Anglo-Saxon and Old English Vocabularies, (London: Trubner, 1884), Vol. I, p. 88, reprinted in Roy C. Cave & Herbert H. Coulson, A Source Book for Medieval Economic History, (New York: The Bruce Publishing Co., 1936; reprint ed., New York: Biblo & Tannen, 1965), pp. 46-48

Dominican brothers, Convent Holy  Jacques, Paris  Copyright 1996. 

Jordan of Saxony Handbook on the Origins of the Order of Preachers.  Marie -Humbert Vicaire o.p., in St. Dominic and His Brothers. Gospel or Crusade, (Paris: editions du Cerf, 1967)

Secondary Sources



Information on statuses in a guild, different kinds of guilds, rights and responsibilities of guilds,

Burks, Deborah G. 

Craft guilds briefly described with minimal detail and occasional pictures.

Carney, Elizabeth. 

Large variety of pictures from cathedrals to a medieval drawing that displays a human body and the anatomy inside.  Varies between color and non-color pictures.

Grant, Niel.  Guilds (A First Book) Franklin Watts, Inc.  New York, New York Copyright 1972.

Many good descriptions about the Merchant, Craft, and Baker guilds.  Also gave background information on journeymen and apprentices of these guilds.  Some fiction, but based on fact.

Jaritz, Gerhard.  Dress, Jewels, Arms and Coat of Arms: Material Culture and Self-Representation in the Late Middle Ages. 

Various pictures of medieval jewelry created by the goldsmiths.  Also includes information on how the jewelry was made, and history of some of the more distinguished jewels and ornaments.

Krzywicka, Maggie. "Education." Medieval Medicine. 2000.  

Good description of medieval medicine methods and anatomy.  Occasional pictures basic overview of ideas, methods, remedies, causes, and treatments of certain illnesses.

Langley, Andrew  Medieval Life :  A Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Book Dorling Kindersley Publishing New York, New York Copyright 2000.

Good visual aids of merchant guilds and stonecutters.  Also gave good information on these guilds and showed their tools.

Livingston, Michael "Misconceptions about Medieval Medicine: Humors, Leeches, Charms, and Prayers"  Copyright 2003. 

Gave conformation on information about humors mentioned on other site used for medical guild. 

Pernoud, Rėgine A Day With A Miller: A Day With Series   Runestone Press, c/o The Lerner Publishing Group, Minniappolis, Minisota  Copyright 1997.

Most information on millers from this book.  Had section on real history and then non-fiction based story.

Pernoud, Rėgine A Day With A Stonecutter: A Day With Series   Runestone Press, c/o The Lerner Publishing Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota   Copyright 1997.

Good information on stonecutters and their main cutting and shaping tools.  It also explains how the artists signed the stones they carved so that everyone could tell which stones they carved.

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Copyright 1994, 2000, Columbia University Press.  

Gave rights and responsibilities of guilds. Helped on rights and responsibilities page.

Trueman, C.  Medieval Guilds. 

Basic information on what a guild is, stations of apprentices, and some rights and responsibilities of the guilds. 


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